(1) It is possible to pre-order some items from us that have not yet been officially released or are available. However, it can happen that the publication date of the article is still postponed. The publication date can be postponed, but also brought forward. The approximate delivery dates, such as the month, are shown on the product page.

(2) In rare cases, we may not receive items. This is because the availability of pre-ordered items is determined by the respective manufacturers. Manufacturers may stop manufacturing and/or selling a product even after notice. Should this ever be the case, we will inform you. We ask for your understanding that the order must then be canceled and the amount refunded using the same payment method as during the purchase process.

(3) Many of the items available in our shop are not toys and are recommended for collectors aged 15+.

(4) The images shown may differ from the final product.

(5) The order will be shipped in full as soon as we have received all items. If individual items are to be delivered earlier, they must be ordered separately!